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If a student doesn’t believe that it’s more about them than it is about their test scores, they will not reach their full potential in the classroom and can easily become a distraction and act out against others. The student/teacher relationship has a direct correlation on academic achievement and daily character education has a direct effect on that relationship. Character and social skills are the building blocks for success in and out of the classroom and are skills to must be taught not a personality flaw to be punished.

These are not bad kids, they just have bad habits. Poor social skills are learned behaviors and that means students can be taught a new way. It is in the way we teach, model, discipline and reinforce these basic skills that real progress can be made with even the most at-risk youth. In just a few minutes each day, you can help lift the entire class socially and academically and increase your teachable time.

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- Fewer Disciplinary Problems & Referrals       - More Teachable Time       - Better Academic Results

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Safe schools and classrooms require 3 things:  connection, relationships and basic social skills.
Schools and classrooms that encourage interpersonal connections, healthy relationships & social skills training will reduce bullying and get better academic results.

Teachers who foster healthy relationships have more teachable time. Students who feel connected to a learning community do better in school. If you want to reduce bullying, get better results and give every student the skills they need to really succeed, SchoolToolsTV can help.

Our daily 1 minute videos, weekly activity sheet and 24-hour community forum help create learning communities based on healthy relationships, mutual respect and high achievement. Start watching the free videos with your class today.